San Antonio Wedding Photographer / Fort Sam Houston Golf Club Wedding / Rachel and Chad

The world's sweetest couple is easily Rachel and Chad. They adore each other! Oh my! Just from our engagement session we had prior to their big day, we just knew it was going to be tons of laughs and smiles. Chad is just ALWAYS smiling and laughing about something, therefore by default Rachel laughs and smiles A LOT with him! It's infectious... We headed out to Lackland Air Force Base for Rachel and Chad's beautiful ceremony. The moment Chad first saw his bride, he was literally breathless and he cried tears of love and pure joy. It was the most beautiful moment ever; Every bride prays for a reaction like that from their groom! Afterwards we headed out to Fort Sam Houston Golf Club for a fun filled reception... The night was truly special and oh-so-perfect for Rachel and Chad as they were surrounded by all of their family and friends to celebrate their love. Congrats to you both, I'm waiting for that call when the little ones arrive! ;)