Destination Senior Portraits / Senior Shootout / San Antonio Photographer in Cannon Beach

I love to travel. Being a military child I grew up in my early childhood moving every several years. I just cannot get enough of a new space, new culture, new air, new food, new climate, new EVERYTHING. I love being in a place and seeing how people live their "normal" as I come as an outsider looking in, exploring and taking it all in. If it were up to me I would travel EVERY month. Luckily this year I've done a lot of traveling, and have been so fortunate to have photoshoots in different cities and states. When my good friend True Moua asked me to take part in their senior shoot out back in February in Vegas I was ALL in. To be able to shoot, teach and be around some of my favorite ladies: True Moua, Spanki Mills and Tash Haynes was just a dream for me. We had SO much fun with our Senior Shootout in Vegas that we decided to do it again - this time we went to the Pacific Northwest and took our shootout to Cannon Beach, Oregon. I was BESIDE myself. Everywhere I turned it was beautiful. HUGE trees and forests everywhere and the coast line is seriously a site everyone must see in their lifetime. We had the most awesome attendees join us, Tash is always so gracious to lend us her beautiful model team to be our models for the day and we just had a blast shooting for 5-6 hours. When you are passionate about what you do - it really is all just PLAY. (Plus one of the most amazing parts is that God decided to show off that night, giving us a gorgeous cotton candy sunset that we all just went crazy over.) Teaching is my favorite thing along with photographing, so take that, blend it and give me an amazing location - I am all in and jumping for joy. The cool thing about our shootouts is we keep it small with attendees but also provide a big group of models, this allows for small shoot groups and for everyone who wants direction and assistance from one of the 4 of us to receive that 1-1 attention but for those who just want to portfolio build and have fun - there are enough models available to do that. No one ever leaves feeling like that didn't get enough. If anything, they have TOO many images, how's THAT for a shootout?! 

We are planning out next one in my town of San Antonio in January for those interested ... details will be released SOON! 

Hair/Makeup: Mikayla Smith and Bronte Stevenson

Models: Shasta, Megan and Vivian 

Locations: Cannon Beach and Hug Point Beach, Oregon

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