San Antonio Destination Wedding Photographer / Aguadilla, Puerto Rico Wedding : Maricel and Mitchell

This summer we packed our camera gear up and traveled to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico for Maricel and Mitchell's gorgeous destination wedding. After our engagement session in the spring, I knew their wedding was going to be the most fun, but I had no idea how much culture I would be surrounded by! Being of Puerto Rican decent myself but having never traveled to the island, I was beyond excited. Growing up in the US I always was teased at how "Americanized" I was by relatives, but being surrounded by the people of Puerto Rico and by Maricel and Mitchell's amazing families I discovered that though my father was military and we had traveled all over the US, I truly was raised with a TON of Puerto Rican culture in my life even though we never vacationed there. I felt home even though I was so far away from my immediate family. I loved the food (oh my, it was incredible), the laid back relaxed attitude of the island, the sounds of the coqui's, the beach, the accents, the mountains, but most of all when those hands hit those conga's I couldn't get enough of the MUSIC. The clouds were super heavy all day prior to their wedding and the day of the wedding it really looked like their outdoor ceremony might be poured on, but sun gods heard our prayers because for that hour of ceremony and photo times the clouds parted ways and cleared up. It was PERFECT! For the reception, guests were dancing while dinner was being served, during dinner time, and of course after dinner the party was REALLY on. And even as the band packed up for the night, speakers still played salsa and people still danced and had the time of their lives. It was the greatest celebration of love and family and it was amazing to be a part of such an incredible day for Mitchell and Maricel. We became such great friends throughout their trip and I just know that I'll be the lucky one to photograph their growing family in the future. :)

Location: Faro Suites and Conference Center, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico