San Antonio Family Photographer / Carillo Family

It's such an honor and the biggest compliment when another photographer asks you to photograph their own family photos. It's also very nerve-wracking! But the moment I met Maggie, Milo and their beautiful son Sam, any anxiety I had flew out the window; They are the most down to earth couple ever. I love Milo's sense of humor and how incredibly helpful he is with Sam. You can tell he's used to letting the photographer (aka wifey) take charge and trusts her completely. I wish Bear was like that when it came to being in photos! haha... Being a photographer, Maggie's eyes are very similar to mine, so we scoped out locations and light together around La Villita in downtown San Antonio. It made my job easier!  Baby Sam is just such a beautiful happy baby. He couldn't get enough of his surroundings, and his eyes were constantly looking at all of the people walking around and he took a real liking to the leaves on the ground. It's beautiful to see a child's curiosity so it's ok if he didn't look at my camera all the time. :) Thank you Maggie and Milo for trusting me to capture memories you will always cherish. I look forward to many more photo sessions in the years to come!

Location: La Villita / Riverwalk

Take a look at Maggie's beautiful work here: Greenleaf Images