San Antonio Photographer / Destination Portraits in New York City

In October I went on a girls trip with 6 of my favorite photographer friends. We took on NYC and had the best time. I couldn't get enough of our 26th floor condo with the BEST view on 42nd Ave, the good food, coffee shops, girl talk and deep belly laughs, subway rides, exploring, shopping, walking the HighLine, Chelsea Market, and my favorite memory was being (very) reluctant to bike ride but with some major persuasion I caved and spent 4 hours biking around the streets of Manhattan and through beautiful Central Park. It was surreal and breathtaking and at the same time it was HARD. I wanted to give up because for someone who hasn't exercised in over a year I had very little stamina - but I made it through and it was incredible. I recommend it to EVERYONE I know: grab a CitiBike and bike everywhere in the city! Thank you to my dear friends Tara and Janese for being my cheerleaders and pushing me through one of the best memories of 2017!  

Another major highlight of my NYC trip was photographing Fenton Agency models Kelsea and Nicole with my crazy talented friend Tara Rochelle. For as long as I can remember it has been a dream to photograph agency models in New York. But it happened and it was a dream come true. I was giddy with excitement - and I wasn't afraid to show it! It was a blast and as we walked through Dumbo Brooklyn we just kept going and going because we couldn't get enough! 

Models: Kelsea Campbell & Nicole Goodie with Fenton Model Agency

san antonio senior photographers 34544.jpg
dumbo brooklyn photoshoot 29430
san antonio senior portraits 39302L.jpg
dumbo brooklyn portraits 303L.jpg
dumbo brooklyn portraits 0898798
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fenton models new york 2343.jpg
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fenton models new york city 294L.jpg
fenton models new york city 23030L.jpg

Tara had a fun wig - so we tried it randomly on Kelsea  who called her alter ego - Lolita! I say this look fits her well. :)