San Antonio Photographer / San Antonio Senior Photographer / Nicolette

To say Nicolette takes her senior rep position is an understatement! I'm so, so proud of her and appreciative of the time she has put into making sure ALL of her friends know about Christina Ramirez Photography. She is constantly putting it out there and posting photos to encourage those who have not yet had their senior photos to contact me. It's paid off and right now we have quite a few Warren HS seniors lined up for the spring, and I have already photographed many of Nicolette's friends during the fall and winter break. So I decided Nicolette needed new material to continue her rep services into the spring and we headed out for an update session during Christmas break. We had so much fun! She is not a professional model, but by the look of her photos, she should be! I absolutely adore working with Nicolette and could photograph her all the time. I am already so sad she will not be a rep for me next year, BUT soooo proud of her going to UT, then she can send me all of her friends as they get married. See, it's one big lovely circle! :) Enjoy Nicolette's photo's... <3 I know I love them! Location: Botanical Gardens

This time Nicolette brought along her SUPER cute and sweet little sister Carlye. Carlye will be my rep when she's a senior in 5-6 years or so, she just doesn't know it yet. haha! Just adore these two to pieces, they have one lucky mama!

And of course, no Nicolette photo session is complete without an appearance from "BOYFRIEND" aka Joseph. :) Such a cutie, these two are tooooo cute for words.