San Antonio Senior Photographer / Arianna

Arianna is BEAUTIFUL. I mean look at her. I was squealing inside when I saw her. She just graduated from Marshall HS but we took her photos back in April when Gruene was just lush and beautiful everywhere. Unfortunately, the sun and heat has gotten the best of it these days, but we were lucky with perfect timing. Like most seniors, Arianna was willing to do anything. That's why I LOVE photographing wild and crazy 17 and 18 year olds. They'll hang from a tree if I ask them to because it's "cool" and Arianna did just that! AND she even went into the river with her pretty dress. Just fun. Serious fun! Plus, her mom is awesome too. Another part of photographing seniors is getting to know there great moms that tag along. I just love it. I know her mom is sad to see her go off to college, but Arianna has such a great head on her shoulders, she's meant to do wonderful things! Congrats on your graduation Arianna, I hope your session was everything you hoped for. I know you will do amazing in Austin. Rock it out! I already am looking forward to your college senior portraits. haha!