San Antonio Senior Photographer / Meet Joseph!

I called him "Boyfriend" and for a while didn't really know his name! This is because his lovely "girlfriend," my senior rep Nicolette had her session with me first over a month ago and at the time he was just a photo prop. Now I know this handsome guy as Joseph, aka "Boyfriend," and the roles were turned when Nicolette got to be a photo prop in his session! Oh the joys of teenage love. <3 Joseph, Nicolette and my awesome team headed into downtown San Antonio to find cool "funky," gritty spots to take his pics. While everyone ran from the train on the tracks, I got super excited and made him stand next to it for a cool photo as it zoomed by. His life wasn't in danger and I can never turn down the opportunity for an awesome pic, so do you blame me?! I'm so excited Joseph will be a rep for me out in Brandeis this year, lets just see if he can beat his lovely girlfriend with more referrals! Let the competition begin!

Location: Blue Star Art Complex and Downtown San Antonio