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A change of scenery is always nice, it's always refreshing and exciting. I have traveled across the states and have had the ability to photograph in some very amazing places that we don't see every day; I wouldn't change that for anything. Recently however, I challenged myself to try to find something new in my area, local to me, to pay attention differently and explore. I have been wanting to shoot in a greenhouse / nursery, it's been on my Pinterest inspiration boards for years, but it's not something I pursued out of fear that the owners would say "no" in allowing me to shoot there. However, in the spirit of trying to break out of my own comfort zone and bubble I'm wrapped in, I decided to pick up the phone and call my local garden nursery and received permission to photograph on their grounds. I was beside myself, called up one of my beautiful previous seniors and within less then 24 hours I set up a shoot 3 minutes away from my house. It was FUN, it was EXCITING, and my heart is still so happy. I can't get enough of the light that poured into this place! Plus to top it off in the best way possible, Neve was the BEST model. She rocked it out with such confidence. I'm in love with how these turned out. 
So I challenge you: look at things differently today, be brave in trying something new and just go for it.  

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