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Lake Tahoe is truly a magical place. The crystal clear turquoise waters, rocks, pine trees, forests and snow-capped mountains that surround the lake, it just doesn't get better then that, the scenery is sure to take your breathe away. The last time I was in Tahoe was during January 2015, so to come back during the summer was a new experience and it sure didn't disappoint! This time I brought along 3 of my seniors from my 2017 model team and we had the time of our lives. The thing about destination photoshoots is there are no do-overs. While we book extra days as possible "backup" days, it still brings its own surprises and you just have to roll with it and pray weather cooperates. After watching weather reports for 6 weeks with not a single drop of rain, I was confident we would be fine during our trip. Boy, was I wrong. As the days came closer to our trip, thunderstorms were in the forecast the WHOLE time we were to be there. As much stress the forecasts and dopplers brought to me, it actually ended up working in our favor. The rain was random, but short - which kept the beaches of Sand Harbor fairly empty and allowed us so much freedom to roam around and shoot wherever we wanted. It also allowed for the rich blue waters and the scenery to really show up in camera, it was perfect. 

Cortni, Kate and Maddie - thank you for trusting in me, thank you for traveling with me and thank you for running in rainstorms with me all while laughing and making the best of what we had - Lake Tahoe's magic is sprinkled in every image! What a treasure these memories are. <3 

Hair/Makeup: Danielle Parker

Location: Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

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