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"Do you want to back out? Tell me now, we can stop this whole thing" Bear asked me last night. "NO! I want him!" I squealed back with such confidence. Then... I couldn't sleep! Partly because I am working like crazy but then at the same time I kept going through the pro's and con's and the  should-we's? and shouldn't-we's? one last time. And now, my last night of peace, turned into a night of only 3 hours of sleep. Well, I might as well get used to it because our life as we know it will be changing forever today because today is the day we go pick up our new 8 week old miniature schnauzer puppy! I'm so excited and have been since we picked him 4 weeks ago. Because he was still too young we've had to wait until he would be old enough to bring home so he's been on "hold." It's been the longest 4 weeks ever trying to decide his name, Bear has been researching dog-related things non-stop:"How to Train a puppy," "How to Potty Train a Puppy," "Making your New Puppy Feel at Home," What to Expect When You're Expecting...a Puppy," and on and on, and I have been the complete opposite living in La-La-Puppy-Land on how CUTE my sweet puppy is going to be following me around all over wobbling around and looking at me sweetly and making me laugh with his cute little bark - and he is just going to be SOOO CUTE. Then, last night we got lost in Petsmart - I had never even been to a Petsmart and I was mesmerized by this world of animals - and how you can bring your DOG into a STORE and it's OK! Woah! That's sooo cool! Thank goodness for the sweet employee who helped us see the puppy-light; we walked out with all the things we needed that I seriously didn't even think about like dog bowls!

And now, this morning at 7am as we get ready to leave for the 2 hour drive to pick up our sweet new puppy reality is setting in. Another conversation with Bear from late last night laying in bed restless at 3 in the morning rings in my ears ...

Me: "Are you ready for this? Tomorrow night it won't be so silent!"

Bear:"Are YOU ready for this? What are you going to do when he's crying?"

Me: "Well easy, I'll just put in my earplugs and SLEEP! He'll be JUST fine..."

Bear: "Princess, you can't do that. You have to stay up with him and make sure he pee's every 3 hours. And even though we aren't going to feed him past 6pm, he'll still have to use the restroom. Plus you can't just put your earplugs in and ABANDON him especially the first night."

Me: "Oh... (long pause)... Well I guess I'm going to be the worst mom ever cause I was just going to let him cry."

Omg... now I'm panicing! This IS like a baby. Holy cow. But I can't back out, I just have to accept that my world and my life as I know it will seriously be changing, especially at first. Then it gets easier - just like a baby: I'm in training. And I'm sure once I see my CUTE little puppy it'll be instant love and I'll be ok with staying up with him at night, potty training him, teaching him tricks, and cuddling with him and at the same time I'll try not to be too harsh when he chews through a pair of my beloved flip-flops and pee's on my floor that I step in. So many people go through this in the world, millions of people have dog's! I can do this. And though I'm sure it's not completely the same as having a baby, when that time comes around for Bear and I to have a little CUTE human maybe I'll be slightly more prepared than I am now.

And so it begins... The Puppy Chronicles.

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