I just wanted to let you know how blown away I was with my daughter’s shoot. She looked absolutely beautiful and we got so many compliments from my phone pics so I can only imagine what her final pics will look like! I am so glad we chose you, and Marci was absolutely amazing. Please pass my sincere thanks on to her. You both made my daughter smile all day and she came out of her shell and that made the day even more beautiful! Thanks again!
— Letty

Thanks again for today. This goes to you and Marci both. Wow! Words can’t explain how beautiful y’all made me feel. I’ve never been one to dress or try to look cute cause I didn’t ever really think I could. But today, looking at those pictures, I think the reason I was so quiet was because I was trying not to cry. I have never in my life felt so pretty. I hate when I get my picture taken. I never like it. But today, for once, I actually loved them and how I looked. This was just all around such a great experience and I’m so glad there are people like you and Marci to prove to people that they really are beautiful cause y’all definitely did that for me. Thank you so much again. It was amazing!
— Aria

Just personally saying THANK YOU for taking such breathtaking portraits of my daughter and making her experience an event she will always remember. I knew the photos would be great, but I am seriously blown away! You and Marci are truly gifted!
— Kori

Christina!!!! I am literally obsessed right now!!! I LOVE THIS SO STINKING MUCH!!!!! They are all so beautiful You are literally FLAWLESS!!! Thank you so much for everything! I am so lucky to have met such a wonderful person and to have had her as my senior photographer! YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Btw, my mom is literally crying, haha!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
— Keaton

I cannot thank you enough! You are seriously so amazing!! You just know how to make us girls feel beautiful and that’s all we ever wish to feel!!! I love you SOOO much!!! You seriously don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to take photos with you and see how they come out and I’m SOOOOOOO thankful I got this opportunity! I can’t thank you enough! Just know this was the best experience of my life!
— Allison