Destination Wedding Photographer | Urban Denver Wedding - Jimi and Yamairah

As a photographer, when it comes to my own family time I usually keep my camera away. It's my time to unwind and enjoy being around those I love, not a time for me to work. However, with Yamairah, there was not an option - when I found out she was getting married, I left no room for an option: I would be her wedding photographer, period. Besides the fact that photographing her wedding would allow us to pack our camera gear and travel to Denver, Colorado, she simply is one of my favorite people on this planet. We grew up together, spent our summers having sleep overs playing countless hours of the Ouiji board and eating pizza, would spend way too much time chatting on the phone during the week and have been through all the crazy relationships and friendships throughout the years. But when I met Jimi, I  knew he was the one for her; because yes, my opinion matters! Jimi is so easy to be around, so charming, intelligent, full of personality, so relaxed and just the type of guy that you just want to hang out with because he's THAT cool.-He is PERFECT for Yamairah and without a doubt compliments her quirkiness, sassy attitude, huge loving heart and wit. I love the way they look at each other, the way they make each other laugh and it's so obvious they just get each other, they are comfortable, they are best friends. Jimi and Yamairah are a match made in lovebird heaven, and I was honored to be a part of their day, not only as a guest but as their story-teller capturing their incredible love which I know they will cherish for a lifetime. Their wedding was a photographers dream. From their incredible location at the gorgeous Art Network in the Art District of downtown Denver which allowed for beautiful backdrops for every photo taken, to the amazing violinist who filled the air with sweet music, to an awesome food truck, down to all of their great custom designed and mostly hand-made details - it was just perfection. On top of it all Yamairah and Jimi's goal was to be different, non-traditional and edgy so of course I just HAD to oblige. This allowed us to go for a fun urban, graffitti-filled, gritty look for their "formal" portraits and get creative with their fun bridal party. I loved their day, I can only imagine how perfect it was for them!

A huge congratulations to Jimi and Yamairah, may the love you felt on your wedding day continue on through your entire lives together. I love you both! <3


Watch their YouTube Slideshow for more images HERE